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Who are you guys and what do you do exactly?

  • The "Badass Programmers" brand and were created by a team of digital experts at Bastion Rare to market three of Bastion Rare's most commonly requested engagement models. We have worked with a multitude of startup companies, small businesses, and multi-national corporations to earn a reputation of delivering breakthrough consulting, technology, and creative services where forward thinking is applied.

What does free beer mean?

  • Well, first a little history... The beer theme designed into the Website came about almost by mistake, but we ended up loving it and here we are. As we neared the end of our design concept for, we wanted to add a little "cherry on the cake," and this is where the "free beer" concept originated. To put it plainly, many of our customers tend to request a discount. As a result, we decided to build in a small discount for each engagement model. We call it "free beer" and the discount is roughly equal to a 6-pack of beer. The discount will be reflected in your invoices. :)

Where are you located?

  • Bastion Collective is a global services company with offices in the United States, China, UK, and Australia. The Bastion Rare main office where all digital services are managed is located in Newport Beach, CA.


Where are your programmers located?

  • Geographically, our programmers live in and around the area where our global offices are located.

Do all your programmers speak fluent English?

Can I bring your programmers on-site?

  • If you really need a resource to be on-site at your company location, we can make the necessary arrangements. However, additional costs for travel, food, and lodging will apply.

Can I hire a full-time programmer away from you and bring him into my company?

  • Unfortunately, not at this time. However, if your goal is to establish your own off-site delivery center or remotely managed team, please inquire for further details as we can assist you in this regard.

Intellectual Property

Who owns the legal rights to technology developed by your programmers?

  • Considering you pay for all services provided, ALL work delivered through services provided by Bastion Rare (or Badass Programmers) will become your property! We are not in the business of collecting intellectual property, just in delivering Badass Programmers of the highest caliber.

How do we ensure that our IP is protected?

  • We would consider entering into non-compete and / or non-disclosure agreements between you and Bastion Rare. However, please keep in mind that we are a service based company and we work with customers that often have similar business models and / or software to other customers. As such, we would not be able to sign any agreements that bar us from working on other projects similar to yours.


What do your programmers specialize in?

  • We have Badass Programmers that are skilled in technology architecture, user interface development, custom programming, software integration, and database architecture covering both Web and mobile based applications. Our experience with various UI programming technologies includes developing W3C validated and optimized XHTML/HTML5 & CSS code, Javascript, AJAX, and DHTML. For custom development, our team is highly experienced in Java, PHP5, Ruby, .NET, C, C++, and other related languages. Regarding software integration, we have tackled projects involving SharePoint, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Salesforce, NetSuite, and more. With respect to database architecture and development, we are experienced in the design and development of relational, object, and XML database solutions using SQL, OQL, and XQuery. Additionally, we are experienced in developing applications that rely on NoSQL database management systems, distributed memory, or other caching systems such as Apache Cassandra, Riak, Amazon DynamoDB, memcached, MongoDB, Apache Hadoop and others.

Do you offer project management or work on a per project basis?

  • Yes. We offer project management on a Time & Material basis, which is provided by the team in our Newport Beach, CA office. We also offer development services on a per project basis if you can provide us with fixed scope, design documents and technical specifications. Please see our engagement models for more details.

Do you have graphic designers and/or product managers as well?

  • Yes. We offer creative services on a Time & Material and per project basis, which is provided by the design team in our Newport Beach, CA office.

Can you work with us to screen, vet, or interview programmers we want to hire full-time for our company?

  • Currently, we do not offer this service, but we do plan on looking into this real soon!

Pricing & Payment

How much do you charge?

  • We offer three (3) engagement models where cost is dependent on the duration of our engagement:

    - Full Time Badass Programmers
       $5,800/mo (translates to roughly ~$36/hr)
       3-month initial commitment required.

    - Time & Material
       Rate: $150/hr

       Discount for Pre-paid Block Hours:
       200-1,000 Hours: $130/hr
       1,000+ Hours: $110/hr

    - Fixed Scope & Cost
       Please inquire for consultation and project estimate.


How are payments and invoices handled?

  • Each engagement model has different payment terms. Full Time Programmers are invoiced 15 days before the start of each new month and payment is due before the start of a new month. Time & Material services are rendered in advance and weekly or bi-weekly invoiced are generated. Fixed Scope & Cost projects include negotiated payment terms, but we require an initial deposit in advance and milestone payments according to a mutually agreed upon schedule.

What methods of payment do you accept?

  • Currently, we accept company / personal checks, bank wires, and bitcoin.

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