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Badass Web & Mobile Developers.

This Website and the Badass Programmers brand were created by Bastion Rare, the digital muscle within Bastion Collective to market three of Bastion Rare's most commonly requested engagement models. Our team has worked with a multitude of startups, small businesses, and multi-national corporations for almost 20 years to earn a reputation of delivering breakthrough consulting, technology, and creative services where forward thinking is applied.

The Badass Programmers team consists of technology industry leaders and highly sought-after business analysts, technology architects, project managers, user interface designers, software engineers, security analysts, quality assurance, and testing specialists where we provide our customers with innovative solutions through digital services tailored to their specific needs.

  • Ahmed E.
  • Ruby Y.
  • Jeremiah J.
  • Melanie H.
  • Jig I.
  • Tracy G.
  • Dax C.

"In the world of technology vendors, on-shore, near-shore, off-shore, or any other potential land mine in outsourcing mission critical development, Badass Programmers are a welcome asset and drive results with no technobabble required."

Jonathan C.
CEO, Empower Network

Whether you're looking to develop the next major social network, deploy an innovative mobile application, or something else (maybe create a 3+ factor biometric based security system?… we've actually developed one of those) - our group can help! No task is too big. Seriously.

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Don't make the mistake of so many. Programmers are NOT all equal!

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